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Creosnap, the wooden crate that stands out from the crowd with its innovative design

The Creosnap crate can be assembled without any tools or nails! It is entirely assembled by hand in a simple and quick way. In addition, it can be dismantled and reused as many times as you like, without losing its durability. This is made possible by the patented design of galvanized steel snap-on parts that hold the final assembly in place. The end result: a strong, reliable packaging that is ready-to-use in all situations.

Save time and space with Creosnap

The Creosnap crate is shipped flat and only 8 inches high (including the base) when dismantled. This makes it easy to store for the next time you use it, without cluttering up your storage space. And it can be assembled in a flash, no tools required. This saves you manpower time for your logistics and packaging.

An innovative design that
provides superior durability

The assembly of the panels together with its unique design provides Creosnap with a robust reinforcement and a durability comparable to conventional plywood crates. Creosnap has proven its worth by resisting up to 20,000 pounds of stacked load during a military test.

A range of standard or custom sizes,
a versatile design

In addition to the choice between EXPORT and REUSABLE versions, we offer up to 30 formats that can meet most standard requirements. We also offer a unique range of sea container crates that maximize space for overseas shipments. Our crates can also be manufactured in any desired format (minimum of 10 crates) and mounted on a pallet or transport rollers.

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