Unique cushioning
Unique cushioning
Oversized items
Oversized items
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Competitive cost
Unique cushioning
Unique cushioning

Custom Crating and Packaging

Choosing the right crating and packaging for your business can have a lasting impact on both your bottom line and brand perception. Investing in high-quality materials and processes can help reduce costs, improve efficiency and create a lasting impression with customers.

Creopack’s industrial crating and packaging materials are designed with Packaging Intelligence™, meaning that we analyze your crating and packaging needs from start to finish and propose the most cost-effective shipping materials to get your product to its destination securely, whatever the distribution channel. This ensures that your products are not only protected during shipping, but are easy to pack and unpack, while reducing your warehouse footprint and minimizing waste

Custom crating services adapted to you

Creopack’s crating services are adapted to the specific requirements of each item being shipped. Our custom  include collapsible wooden shipping crates, reusable shipping crates and export crates that are custom-designed by professional engineers to meet your unique specifications.

Why choose our custom crates and packaging?

Wide range of custom crating and packaging

We offer a complete range of crating, packaging and shipping supplies made from the highest quality materials to ensure the maximum protection of goods. Since each product requires special care, such as temperature-control or corrosion protection, choosing suitable packaging is essential. This is exactly what we offer.

We can help you effectively protect your items or specialized equipment with custom crates, cases or corrugated cardboard boxes. Additionally, to optimize your packaging operations, we offer a range of packaging systems that save you time and money.

Crating solutions tailored to customer needs

Our crating and packaging company has the ability provide support to businesses, no matter their packaging needs. As such, to ensure a packaging design that can guarantee optimal protection while facilitating handling, our consultants know how to respond to your needs and can offer unique solutions.

Creopack has state-of-the-art laboratories to ensure each packaging and crating solution we create for you is exhaustively tested and optimized. Our fleet of transport trucks and mobile equipment can also make your life easier by enabling us to go directly to your factory, either to deliver equipment or provide on-site packing.

An industry-specific approach to packaging

Each industry sector has its own specific realities and constraints. We approach every packaging design and the specific support services we provide to our customers with this mind. Our customers can count on a singular focus on the requirements of the medical, aerospace, electronics, entertainment and logistics industries.

Our approach to merchandise safety forces us to continuously seek out new solutions that are adapted to the laws and regulations that govern the transportation and handling of certain products. Our strength lies in our versatility and our ability to offer innovative packaging and crating services.

Clients trust our packaging and crating services

Industrial equipment distributor

Simply confirming that the work was completed on time. We are very satisfied with the quality of the crates and the work of the packers you sent. Marouane and Philippe were very professional and picked up everything before leaving. Thanks…

University laboratory

I simply wanted to mention that we are very satisfied with the product that was sent. It perfectly met our needs. Excellent customer service from Ingrid was a bonus. We would not hesitate to use your services again or to…

Distinctive home audio system manufacturer

The new packaging has been prototyped and tested. I want to highlight the first-rate work of Martin and Johan  over at Creopack. Besides looking great, the design provides exceptional protection and  minimizes  waste (all offcuts will be brought back to Creopack to be melted and reused)


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