Wood Pallets

We produce a range of wood pallets that is sure to meet your shipping needs, both for the domestic and export markets.

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Why choose our wood pallets?

Our wood pallets are custom-made to withstand the rigours of loading, shipping, unloading, and storage.

We supply a complete range of pallets to cover your needs.

Do you make small, medium-sized, large or oversized products? Our custom wood pallets are perfect for all weights and sizes.

Do you ship fragile equipment? Our foam-cushioned pallets are made to absorb vibration and shocks during transport.

Are you in the export market? Our wood pallets are ISPM-15 certified, so you can be sure your shipments contain your products only – without fear of contamination by insects, parasites, and disease.

  • Container
  • Heavy Duty
  • Plane
  • Truck