Wood crates

Our wood crates are custom-made for the rigors of the export market and comply with ISPM 15 regulations.

Whether you manufacture industrial machines, parts for the aviation, railway or aerospace sectors or any other products that require protection from the jolts and shocks of international shipping, we have the wood crates to ensure that your exports arrive intact. Crating services are the best option when you need to transport large, heavy or even fragile products.

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Custom designed wooden shipping crates

We supply wood crates that are tailored perfectly for the products you ship, each one carefully designed according to your required degree of protection, shipping method, and budget. Our packaging design team has 30 years of experience and develops a customized solution for our unique products by employing CNC cutting for the support saddles and using appropriate materials, such as foam, corrugated, and steel. We are able to produce crates in any format or size up to 60 ft long, and deliver as many or as few as you need – always on-time and totally in accordance with your specifications.

Large production capacity, shipped on-time

Whether you need one crate or one thousand, our facilities have the capacity to adapt to your needs. Wood crates can be made up to 60 ft long and can transport items up to 50,000 lbs in weight! All our facilities are certified under ISPM 15 phytosanitary regulations to ensure that your shipment arrives wherever it’s needed in the world in pristine condition.

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