Lightweight Composite Cases

We are proud to introduce a new generation of flight cases for the needs of today’s users. Lighter, sturdier and more stylish, the patented CREOLITE™ case is the result of many years of research and development. This unique case is 50% lighter than regular plywood ATA cases due to its honeycomb core construction. Its woven fiberglass surface is highly resistant to impact, unlike aluminum cases. This case can be stored outside and will resist humidity, water, and extreme temperatures.

Contrary to molded cases, our composite case can be custom made to any size. It can be constructed using ½-inch or ¾-inch core materials for large-size applications. And then there’s our extreme light version, which is made of bonded 2 mm skins that cannot be punctured.

Lightweight cases are ideal for carrying by hand, thereby helping reduce employee health issues. Their light weight means you will save on air freight charges and being reusable helps reduce your environmental footprint.

All our lightweight cases feature unique foam inserts that can be adapted to your needs.

  • Carry-On
  • Fragile
  • Plane
  • Reusable