Foam packaging


We design and custom-make foam packaging solutions that are a perfect fit for your products, keeping them safe from the shaking and impacts involved in shipping and handling.

Whether you need to ship sensitive electronic equipment, medical devices or other fragile products, our high-tech design system calculates the precise amount and configuration of foam protection that your products require.

Complete foam solutions

Our preferred foam option is polyethylene foam, as it is acknowledged to be the most effective material for packaging applications. We work with low density foams, high density foams, anti-static foams, and recycled foam, which helps you bring more eco-friendly practices to the shipping industry. We also have high quality low abrasive foams for case applications.

For shipping extremely sensitive devices, we offer polyurethane foams that can be cut to any size, as well as offering convoluted foams.

For reusable applications, EVA foams provide the best solution. We supply automotive EVA foams, military EVA foams, and high density EVA foams in many colors and grades.

Complete converting solution in-house

If you require high volume die-cut foam packaging, we can supply it, as well as high-volume foam blocks without tooling. For low-volume needs, we have dieless options using CNC machines, and are also able to produce foam routing, foam gluing, foam laminations, and skived foams.

Why choose our foam packaging?

We meet all of your specifications, including esthetic preferences.
Do you need foam packaging in black or any other color?
Not a problem.

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