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Creopack designs custom-made foam packing material that is perfectly tailored for your products, keeping them safe from the shaking and impacts involved in shipping and handling.

Whether you need to ship sensitive electronic equipment, medical devices or other fragile products, our high-tech design system calculates the precise amount and configuration of packaging foam that your products require.


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Complete foam solutions

At Creopack, our preferred foam option is polyethylene foam, as it is acknowledged to be the most effective foam material for packaging applications. We work with low density foams, high density foams, anti-static foams and recycled foam, which helps you contribute to eco-friendly practices in the shipping industry. For shipping extremely sensitive devices, we offer polyurethane packaging foams that can be cut to any size.

Discover some of our most popular packing foam options below:

Ethafoam sheets

Ethafoam is not only ultra-lightweight but also resistant to corrosion, moisture, wear-and-tear and abrasion, making it the ideal protective foam packing material. Our Ethafoam polyethylene foam sheets are renowned for their versatility and manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Low and high-density foam

High-density foams feel firmer and have more resistance to pressure and weight. Low-density foams, on the other hand, feel softer, but are not designed for heavy pressure.

Anti-static foam

Our anti-static foam sheets are specifically designed to transport electronic equipment and parts. Foams of this type provide adequate cushioning against impacts and can also absorb static charge.

Recycled foam

Recycled foam provides an environmentally friendly option for your packing foam applications. Foams of this type contribute to sustainable practices in the shipping industry.

Low abrasive foam

Low abrasive foam is the perfect material when you need lightweight, flexible, and non-abrasive cushioning for your cases and products.

Convoluted foam (egg crate foam)

Egg crate foam or convoluted foam sheets provide additional cushioning for delicate equipment during transportation. These foam sheets have the added benefit of giving cases and packages a professional appearance.

EVA foam

For reusable applications, EVA foams provide the best solution. We supply automotive EVA foams, military EVA foams and high-density EVA foams in many colors and grades.


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Why choose our packing foam?

In-house foam converting capabilities

If you require high volume die-cut foam packaging, we can supply it, as well as high-volume foam blocks without tooling. For low-volume needs, we have dieless options using CNC machines, and are also able to produce foam routing, foam gluing, foam laminations, and skived foams.

Total packing foam customization

We have the capabilities to meet all of your packaging foam specifications, including aesthetic preferences. Need custom-designed packing foam sheets, inserts or padding in black or any other color? Not a problem!

The highest foam production quality

All custom packaging foam from Creopack is manufactured to the highest industry standards for impeccable performance and total customer satisfaction. You can have peace of mind knowing your packing foam needs are being handled by experts.

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Packing foam is a great way to ensure items are safe during shipping. Foam packaging provides shock absorption and support while also protecting delicate items during transportation.

Creopack is the leading provider of custom packing foam, foam inserts, foam padding, foam blocks and more. Contact us today if you have any questions or to request a free quote.


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