Ethafoam is a high-performance closed-cell polyethylene foam renowned for its versatility and manufactured to the highest industry standards. In addition to being ultra-light, it is resistant to corrosion, water, tearing, wear and abrasion, making it the number one choice for protective packaging.

Are you looking for a protective material that can be used in a thousand and one ways? Sealed Air Ethafoam is a cushioning foam available in a wide variety of densities and thicknesses, designed to be used in packaging a wide range of fragile or sensitive equipment and objects.

  • Fragile
  • Plane
  • Truck
  • Void Fill

The unbeatable benefits of Ethafoam foam sheets

Ethafoam’s versatility is its most valuable asset, but it also comes with other benefits for your protective packaging. In addition to its excellent strength and resistance to creep under heavy load, it is antistatic and has good thermal conductivity. Moreover, it is waterproof and watertight and its options for customization make it the perfect cushioning product for protecting a wide range of products or equipment. Whether you choose Ethafoam 400 or 220 polyethylene foam, you will have a wide choice of densities and formats.

Ethafoam foam sheets: the ideal material for your packaging solutions

Thanks to its lightweight and flexible design and versatility, Ethafoam polyethylene foam is ideal for product packaging as well as transport packaging or protecting fragile or delicate equipment such as packaging solutions, e.g. Nanuk cases. Additionally, with its many options for customization, the foam sheets can be fitted to any type of equipment or product to ensure protection and cushioning. This makes it a preferred material for various industries, including medical or pharmaceutical, defence, manufacturing and many others.

A sustainable product for your protective packaging

In addition to its ability to be customized to meet the specific needs of your industry and highly effective in protecting your equipment or products, Ethafoam foam sheets have another major benefit. They are CFC and HCFC free, completely recyclable and reusable, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

We are proud to offer the Sealed Air Ethafoam range of products, which not only perfectly align with our corporate values because of their eco-friendly benefits, but also offer a wide range of options for the protection of your products and equipment.

Choose Ethafoam foam sheets for maximum protection of your packaging solutions

Are you looking for a customizable and efficient solution for your protective packaging? Whatever the type of application, Ethafoam foam sheets are ideal for the technical and protective packaging of your products and equipment.

For more information about Ethafoam cushioning foams or our other packaging products, contact the experts at Creopack! Our team will be able to answer all your questions and provide you with the best advice.