Corrosion prevention (VCI)

Zerust® provides comprehensive corrosion protection products and services. We partner with our clients to develop a tailored corrosion protection system. We offer rust protection packaging materials and products, such as films and paper containing Zerust® volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI), designed for the VCI protection of metal parts during storage and long-distance shipments, especially by sea.

VCI molecules inhibit corrosion by preventing moisture and environmental elements from reacting with the metal surface. Since VCI molecules are transported through the air, they must be trapped around the metal surface using a poly bag or other enclosure. Zerust has developed a line of VCI packaging and products that utilise this technology, preventing corrosion on all types of metal. When metals are contaminated, In highly corrosive environments, or stored for long periods of time, the use of VCI packaging and/or a corrosion inhibitor can provide comprehensive protection

Zerust® is the world’s leading rust prevention company for major industries including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, electrical and many more.


  • Comprehensive corrosion management solution
  • Long-Term Storage rust protection
  • Achieve rust-free shipment
  • Rust Prevention during operation
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