Insulated shipping boxes

Our temperature controlled packaging products delivers performance and reliability and is designed to meet customer specific temperature, duration and payload criteria. These containers are ideal to ship sensitive medical or phamaceutical products.Our design engineers are dedicated and experienced temperature-sensitive shipping experts who will profile your needs and requirements and recommend the solution that meets your demanding cold chain packaging challenges.

Our combination of packaging components allows for greater flexibility, lower freight costs, greater hold times (200+ hours) and our easy design reduces pack out time and costly operator errors.

ThermoCor offers R Values of 55 per inch thickness, which is 10 times greater than traditional insulating materials

The key to every insulated shipping box we design  is the unmatched insulating efficiency provided by ThermoCor® vacuum insulation. Backed by three decades of research, innovation and manufacturing, ThermoCor®, boasts highly efficient insulating properties that translate into longer hold times, reduced power and coolant consumption, and superior temperature control.

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