Ethafoam foam sheets

High performance Sealed Air Ethafoam from Creopack

Sealed Air Ethafoam is a high performance, closed-cell polyethylene foam that is renowned for its versatility. At Creopack, our Ethafoam products are manufactured to meet the highest industry standards. If you’re looking for foam products that gives you the freedom to use in a variety of ways then Sealed Air Ethafoam is ideal, as it is suited for a wide range of packaging and non-packaging applications.

The benefits of Sealed Air Ethafoam

The versatility of Sealed Air Ethafoam is its most valuable asset, but there are a wide range of benefits to using sealed air Ethafoam be it Ethafoam 400 or Ethafoam 220. Ethafoam is renowned for its excellent strength and resistance to creep under a heavy load. Sealed air Ethafoam is a water resistant foam that is resilient, lightweight which manufactured in a wide range of densities. As sealed air Ethafoam is  CFC and HCFC-free and completely recyclable and reusable it is an environmentally friendly choice of foam.

  • Fragile
  • Plane
  • Truck
  • Void Fill