E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

Protect your goods from transport damages and improve your customer experience with our many packaging solutions for e-commerce.

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Ecommerce Packaging

Get ahead in the world of ecommerce with Creopack! We understand the challenges of fast-growing online industry. When you ship your products around the world, you can’t control handling conditions so delivering products safely can quickly become a real headache.

Inefficient shipping procedures or careless packaging can lead to high shipping costs and an increase in returns due to damaged products. These situations directly impact your reputation and can jeopardize the success of your ecommerce venture.

That’s why we’ve developed unique protective packaging, specifically designed to meet the ever-changing requirements of online shopping.

Why not learn more about our custom ecommerce packaging services? We aim to turn your shipments into logistical success stories.

Why choose our custom packaging solutions?

At Creopack, we understand that your company needs to have an impeccable image. Our custom crating and packaging company specializes in ecommerce solutions designed to secure your shipments and reduce damage-related returns.

Our goal is clear: to make sure your products arrive at their destination in perfect condition, so that your company retains it reputation for excellence and your customers are satisfied. We develop custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

For example, we can offer you custom ecommerce packaging design that is adapted to standard or oversized products at a very competitive price.

With Creopack, you can take back control of shipping security!

Our ecommerce packaging solutions

Creopack ecommerce packaging can be fully customized to adapt to your company’s specific needs. Our design team is committed to finding cost-effective solutions that guarantee the security of your shipments and keep return rates to a minimum.

Customized corrugated boxes: perfect packaging for your ecommerce

No matter what quantity you need to produce, our corrugated boxes can be fully customized to suit your brand image and adapted to meet your specific product requirements.

With our ecommerce packaging, your products will be perfectly protected while your shipping costs are kept to a minimum. Choose our corrugated boxes to offer your customers an exceptional online shopping experience and strengthen your company image.

Custom foam packaging: the ideal protection for your products

With Creopack custom foam packaging, your ecommerce shipments benefit from perfect protection against shocks and potential damage during delivery.

Our foam solution can be adapted to all product sizes so that you can ship your products with confidence, knowing they will arrive intact at their destination.

Inflatable bubble cushioning system: a versatile solution for your online business

Our inflatable bubble cushioning system is a versatile option that’s perfect for ecommerce product shipping. Use it to produce lightweight packaging on demand, with minimal storage space.

Inflatable bubble cushioning can be used to optimize your packaging processes and will offer maximum protection for your products during shipment.

Paper packaging system

Our PadEZ® paper packaging systems, the product of Sealed Air’s innovation and expertise, will impress you with their ease-of-use and convenience. PadEZ® systems are easy to handle and program for different sheet lengths to produce a variety of cushioning materials for maximum protection. Padding and filler materials are made from 100% recycled paper.

Korrvu® suspension packaging

Need to ship extremely fragile products? Korrvu® Suspension Packaging is specially designed to provide added protection against shocks and vibrations during shipping. Korrvu® packaging enhances the e-commerce experience by significantly reducing damage to merchandise and providing a unique and personalized look to your packaging.

Inflatable foam-in-a-bag packaging system

The SpeedyPacker Insight® Foam-in-bag Packaging System lets you produce a variety of cushioning materials, molded parts and foam bags tailored to your shipping needs. Deliver your goods in attractive, high-quality packaging with this affordable packaging solution.

Ecommerce packaging: custom solutions that maximize product protection

Contact our team of experts today for custom packaging solutions for your ecommerce business. We’re here to answer all your questions and guide you toward the best options for your online company.

Creopack can help you maximize product security, minimize returns and reinforce your reputation as a reliable, professional brand.

Don’t let packaging stand in the way of your ecommerce success! Turn to our packaging experts for an optimal shipping experience. It’s time to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.