E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

Protect your goods from transport damages and improve your customer experience with our many packaging solutions for e-commerce.

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E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

Any business that does e-commerce has to make sure shipments arrive safely at their destination in perfect condition to provide a satisfying customer experience. At Creopack, our e-commerce packaging solutions are specially designed to meet this need, which affects multiple industries.

Why choose our e-commerce packaging solutions?

We understand that a customer who receives a damaged package can make your company look bad. Our packaging design experts provide you with e-commerce solutions that make sure your shipments are secure and minimize returns due to damage.

We develop customized solutions to meet your requirements. Creopack helps you regain control of your shipping security and brand image.

Creopack’s e-commerce packaging

Creopack’s protective packaging is specially designed for e-commerce and tailored to your company’s needs. Our team of designers is committed to finding cost-effective solutions that ensure the security of your shipment and minimize return rates.

Corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes from Creopack can be customized with your branding, produced at any volume and designed according to your specific needs. Our e-commerce packaging will keep your products safe and your shipping costs low.

Foam packaging

With Creopack’s custom-made foam packaging, your products will be protected from shaking and impact damage during shipping. Our polyethylene foam protection can be cut to any size and produced to satisfy both low and high-volume packaging requirements.

Inflatable bubble cushioning system

Our inflatable bubble cushioning system is a versatile solution for your e-commerce packaging operations. Create lightweight packaging on-demand while saving valuable floor space.

Paper packaging system

Our PadEZ® paper packaging systems, the product of Sealed Air’s innovation and expertise, will impress you with their ease-of-use and convenience. PadEZ® systems are easy to handle and program for different sheet lengths to produce a variety of cushioning materials for maximum protection. Padding and filler materials are made from 100% recycled paper.

Korrvu® suspension packaging

Need to ship extremely fragile products? Korrvu® Suspension Packaging is specially designed to provide added protection against shocks and vibrations during shipping. Korrvu® packaging enhances the e-commerce experience by significantly reducing damage to merchandise and providing a unique and personalized look to your packaging.

Foam-in-bag packaging system

The SpeedyPacker Insight® Foam-in-bag Packaging System lets you produce a variety of cushioning materials, molded parts and foam bags tailored to your shipping needs. Deliver your goods in attractive, high-quality packaging with this affordable packaging solution.

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