Why use protective anti-corrosion packaging?

With temperature fluctuations, high humidity levels and more, air and sea transport conditions are not always ideal for merchandise. Your products may be exposed to several conditions that can cause damage.

They must therefore be protected well, especially if your products are made of metal or contain metal components.

Find out why it’s important to use anti-corrosion packaging for the transportation and storage of your goods.

Corrosion: a real threat to your metal parts and products

Corrosion is a natural process caused by a chemical reaction between a material and an oxidant which leads to material deterioration. This phenomenon often affects metals, whose appearance and properties change considerably with prolonged exposure to air or water.

As a result, metal parts and products shipped by air and sea are at greater risk of corrosion if they are not adequately protected. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels and exposure to salt water during transport can significantly affect product quality.

To prevent damage to your products and avoid financial troubles, use volatile corrosion inhibitors for your metal parts or other products with metal components that you ship and store.

Anti-corrosion protection improves customer service

If you work in the industrial sector, such as in the aerospace industry, you will likely have to ship your products internationally by air or sea.

Can you imagine if your products arrived at their destination corroded and unusable? Your customers would be disappointed and your reputation could be tarnished.

You protect not only your products, but also your trademark by using anti-corrosion packaging for the transportation and storage of your goods.

The best packaging techniques to protect your products from corrosion

Here are the two most effective anti-corrosion packaging techniques to protect your products during transportation and storage.

Volatile corrosion inhibitors

The first anti-corrosion packaging technique is to apply VCIs (volatile corrosion inhibitors). VCIs are chemical products that settle on the metal product and create a protective barrier against moisture when applied to a plastic film. This technique is ideal for protecting products during long trips or storage.

Custom barrier bags

Custom barrier bags physically protect against moisture. These preservation packaging materials are combined with silica packets and sealed around your products to protect them from moisture and corrosion. They are an ideal packaging solution for shipping and storage.

Creopack: custom packaging and protection solutions for your products

In conclusion, anti-corrosion packaging is essential for protecting your metal products during air and sea transport and long-term storage. Without them, corrosion could damage your products and lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Are you looking for a packaging company to protect your goods during transportation? At Creopack, our specialists can assess your needs and develop custom packaging solutions for your goods.

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