Why protect your oversized equipment during road transportation?

Have you ever encountered a convoy carrying oversized equipment on the road? Although it is not common for motorists to see them, some companies regularly have to deal with shipping huge items.

If you are a company that has to deal with oversized equipment transportation, here are some reasons why you should take its protection very seriously.

Comply with legislation concerning the road transportation of oversized equipment

The first reason why you should ensure the protection of your oversized equipment during transport is that it is necessary to comply with certain regulations to not violate existing laws. They cover aspects such as how the equipment will be secured on the truck and the possible need for an escort during the journey.

The imposition of maximum load and dimension regulations for the road transportation of oversized shipments is mainly aimed at ensuring the safety of road users and protecting road infrastructure. In Quebec, the Vehicle Load and Size Limits Regulation applicable to road vehicles and road vehicle units contains various standards that limit the total size and weight of heavy vehicles that use the province’s road network.

Prevent your equipment from being exposed to the elements

From parts for the aerospace industry to the power generation and distribution sector, oversized equipment can be made of different materials and even contain electronic components. Some shipments are therefore particularly sensitive to weather and humidity.

To properly protect your oversized equipment, you can therefore cover it with packaging that prevents corrosion, one of the devastating effects that can result from exposure to the elements.

Ensure that your equipment is properly secured

Shocks, movement and vibration experienced by oversized equipment during transport can cause significant damage, especially if there is considerable distance to travel. It is therefore prudent to secure the load on the truck in a perfectly stationary position.

In some cases, it will be better to use a packaging solution that will further limit movement and impact, especially if the shipment has a special shape and the use of straps or chains is not enough. In this case, placing the equipment in a custom wood crate or container can help provide better protection.

In addition, using this strategy will make it easier to handle equipment. The shipment can be moved more easily, for example with a crane or any other lifting device.

Protection solutions designed for oversized equipment

In light of this information, you no doubt have a better understanding of why it is essential to ensure that oversized equipment is protected during transport. Whether to ensure the safety of road users or to limit potential damage to the transported product, measures must be taken, especially with regard to packaging.

Moreover, if you would like packaging advice, do not hesitate to contact the Creopack team. We can offer you tailor-made solutions that will allow you to protect your oversized equipment.