Why is polyethylene foam an ideal choice for protecting your shipments?

Is your business expanding? You now have to ship your products on an increasing scale, given the preferred shipping methods for exchanges with your business partners or for e-commerce.

However, have you reviewed the way you package your goods or inputs? Do your products require a special type of protection to prevent damage during air, truck or sea transportation? Is a transportation process required in the manufacture of your goods? Protective foams would probably be worth considering to save you trouble during shipping!

In this article, find out about the many benefits of polyethylene foam.

Protective polyethylene foam for undisputed performance

The type of protective foam most widely recognized for its performance is without a doubt polyethylene foam. Known for its dimensional stability and recovery properties, this foam is suitable for many types of packaging. Custom foam packaging solutions can be designed with polyethylene foam to provide maximum protection for your products against the shocks and jolts of transportation, since it offers unmatched cushioning protection against repeated impacts.

The versatility of Ethafoam foam

One of the best performing polyethylene foams is Ethafoam. This foam is designed with the properties of polyethylene foam and has low abrasion, which allows it to be used repeatedly without being damaged.

The versatility of Ethafoam polyethylene foam makes it suitable for a wide range of industries. Its mold resistance makes it a popular choice for packaging electronic and high value-added equipment or any other moisture-sensitive product. An anti-static version is available for electronic equipment packaging.

Uses of polyethylene foam

Polyethylene foam is particularly effective in protecting very fragile items. This type of foam has closed cells, giving it unmatched vibration damping properties.

This variety of protective foam can also be cut in various ways to accommodate all kinds of products. Moreover, you can choose its density to suit the weight, shape and use of your product.

Finally, its resistance to chemicals and humidity makes this foam ideal for packaging medical and pharmaceutical products.

Polyethylene foam variants

Additionally, there are different varieties of polyethylene foam to meet a specific need.

One example is the fine-cell polyethylene foam Ethafoam® Synergy for a lower abrasion rate and more elegant product presentation.

On the other hand, there is the Ethafoam® Whisper™, a sound absorption foam. This new hydrophobic material offers excellent acoustic properties to reduce or contain ambient noise.

Creopack offers many types of protective foam for packaging

In conclusion, there are many different uses for polyethylene foam that can be applied to a wide range of industries. Custom-made polyethylene foam packaging is a good choice for the protection of fragile products or products with specific requirements.

At Creopack, our experts can recommend the best protective foam options to suit your needs. Request a free quote today to speak with one of our consultants!