What is the Unboxing Experience and Why Does it Matter?

Taking the unboxing experience into account is important for any business, especially those in e-commerce. Specialty packaging is important so that your shipments arrive to your customers in perfect condition. This has many benefits, such as enhancing your brand image and customer experience.

But what is the unboxing experience and why does it matter? Here is more information on unboxing and how to create a memorable unboxing experience.

What is unboxing?

Unboxing on its own is the unpacking of consumer products. Though this seems like a simple concept, an increasing number of brands have integrated this process into their customer experience to enhance satisfaction.

Due to the experience surrounding the unboxing process, people and influencers have started uploading videos and pictures of their own unboxing experience on social media. This is done to show the product and packaging design as it is, without the photoshop touch-ups that are often used in advertisements.

Many unboxing videos are also followed by a review of the product, packaging and experience. This way, viewers know exactly what to expect if they were to order the product themselves.

Why does the unboxing experience matter?

Because people are taking their experiences to social media, your product’s packaging not only protects the items it contains, but also acts as a marketing tool.

A simple box with bubble wrap will no longer be enough to stand out, especially when you consider that some unboxing videos on YouTube have millions and millions of views. This has the power to drastically improve your online brand visibility.

The e-commerce customer experience starts from the moment people click on your website. This means that every step must be perfected, including their first impression of your packaging. You want to make sure that the box or the items inside will not get damaged during shipment.

A unique packaging that is efficient with a look that represents your brand will elevate your image and your product’s perceived value. In turn, consumers will be more likely to take this to social media and show off the new package they have just received.

These videos can therefore improve customer loyalty and make prospective clients more or less likely to order your products, depending on how the experience went.

Creating a memorable unboxing experience

The unboxing experience associated to your product can be your worst enemy or your best friend. You want to make sure that your items and packaging are not damaged in transit. This means that your packaging must be durable while also offering impeccable presentation.

Our custom-made corrugated boxes are perfect for your customers’ unboxing experience. Not only are these boxes sturdy, they are made specifically for your products.

Your packaging should also be branded. In fact, we can print your logo and any specific instructions you need directly on the corrugated box. We can even include extra internal features to protect your products.

Some other ideas to improve your unboxing experience include offering free samples, a personal sentiment or a coupon for a special on their next purchase.

Improve your unboxing experience with Creopack

In short, the unboxing experience is more important than ever, and it starts with effective packaging.

Creopack has years of experience designing the perfect packaging solutions for each of its clients. Our packaging design experts take into account you and your clients’ needs for your custom packaging solution to be perfectly suitable to your products and brand.

Contact us for more information on our packaging and crating solutions or to benefit from our packaging design team’s expertise!