What is Ethafoam?

Products go through a lot of transportation, storage and handling to get from the manufacturer to the consumer. Particularly when it comes to fragile items, it is vitally important to package them properly to ensure that they arrive at their destinations intact.

Packaging includes pallets, boxes and crates, but cushioning materials are also required to ensure that the products inside don’t get jostled or damaged. In this article, the experts at Creopack provide an overview of a cushioning material called Ethafoam and explain why it is so effective at protecting products during shipping.

What is Ethafoam?

Ethafoam is an ultra-light polyethylene cushioning foam that is commonly used as protective packaging. It is made by heating polyethylene to its melting point, then introducing a blowing agent, which causes it to expand approximately 30 times in volume. During the expansion process, closed cells 1 to 2 mm in diameter are formed, giving Ethafoam its shock absorption and insulation properties.

Due to the fact that it is not cross-linked (an irreversible chemical bond that makes a polymer impossible to melt and reform), Ethafoam can be recycled, making it an eco-friendly packaging option.

The advantages of Ethafoam

Ethafoam is widely acknowledged as the most effective material for protective packaging. Here are some of its advantages.

Shock absorption and durability

Ethafoam was specifically designed as a shock absorbing and vibration dampening material for use in storage and transportation. It is extremely resilient and durable. Its ability to withstand repeated shocks and impacts means that it can be reused several times over without compromising its protective properties. It also has excellent resistance to tearing, wear and abrasion.

Impermeability and insulation

Ethafoam is impermeable. It does not absorb water or transmit water vapour, making it impervious to mildew and rot. It is corrosion-resistant and unaffected by most chemicals. Due to its closed cells, it provides some thermal insulation and performs effectively in a wide range of temperatures.


Ethafoam is easy to cut and carve into any shape needed to form cushioning pads and mounts. Heat welding can be used to adhere it to itself and any polyethylene-based materials, and hot glue can be used for most other surfaces.


Ethafoam is available in a wide variety of densities and thicknesses. The density should be chosen based on the weight of the load that needs to be cushioned. Anti-static, military-grade and flame-retardant varieties are also available.

Creopack: your reliable resource for Ethafoam and other packaging products

Ethafoam is an ultra-light, durable and impermeable type of foam packaging that can easily be shaped to accommodate a wide variety of products. Its excellent shock absorption properties make it ideal for protecting fragile items, and the fact that it can be reused and recycled makes it an eco-friendly packaging option.

If you’re interested in using Ethafoam to protect your products, contact Creopack today! We provide a wide variety of innovative, high-quality crating services for various industries.