What is Corrugated Cardboard Packaging?

Corrugated cardboard is not the same as traditional cardboard. Getting them mixed up may cost you a loss of products, customers and future sales.

But what exactly is corrugated packaging and what are its benefits? Find out in this article!

What is a corrugated box?

Corrugated cardboard is a type of cardboard made up of a few layers rather than just a single sheet of material. Specifically, arched paper known as “fluting” is positioned between two liners, for a total of three layers in most cases. Fluting creates pockets of air to increase resistance against shocks and rough handling.

Corrugated cardboard is a packaging design solution that is just as customizable as cardboard packaging but manufactured with advanced systems for extra strength that cardboard simply cannot provide.

Types of corrugated boxes

Corrugated packaging can vary in thickness depending on user requirements and needs. The different types of corrugated boxes depend on the flute profiles and corrugated composition.

The different types of flute compositions are A-flute, C-flute, B-flute, E-flute and F-flute. The flute size progressively gets thinner in that order. Flutes can vary depending on what the box is being used for.

There are four main types of corrugated board compositions offered in different flute properties.

1. Single face board

Single face boards consist of one liner and one fluted layer, meaning the flutes are exposed on one side.

They are the cheapest to produce but are also the least durable. They are therefore usually only used for an extra layer of protection on products that are already packaged.

2. Single wall board

Single wall boards are the most common style of corrugated cardboard and they are considered the standard.

As previously described, they consist of a fluted layer between 2 liners. These are especially used for shipping cartons.

3. Double wall

Double wall boards consist of two fluted layers with a liner in between and one on each end. The two fluted layers makes them more resistant so they can be stacked more easily. They are also commonly used for larger, heavier objects.

They can be offered in many different types of flutes but the most common are EB and BC.

4. Triple wall

Finally, this type has three fluted layers with a liner between each and one on each end. It is therefore extremely sturdy and can be used to substitute wooden crates or combined with other materials. For example, our hybrid corrugated box combines the natural resistance of wood and lightness of corrugated cardboard to make it the ideal box for heavy items while being cost-efficient.

Triple wall boxes are traditionally used for shipping chemical containers due to their properties. Additionally, both double and triple wall boards can combine flute profiles due to their different layers. This helps adapt cushioning strength, compression strength and thickness

Benefits of corrugated cardboard packaging

Did you know that 95% of all consumer goods in North America are transported in corrugated cardboard packaging? Their various benefits may be the reason why. Here are the main ones.


Corrugated cardboard packaging is very sturdy and can be used to carry a wide range of weight. It is therefore suitable for nearly any item, including pharmaceutical supplies, bulk food or for everyday use in many different industries.

They are also tear-resistant and ideal for stacking in storage since they can support the weight of additional boxes. Corrugated boxes are sure to keep even the most fragile items protected during long-distance transport, shipping and handling conditions.


Corrugated cardboard packaging is also sustainable and recyclable.

Not only is the packaging itself recyclable, but it can also sometimes be made from recycled materials. Additionally, it can be folded back up and reused later on. This reduces energy and materials required to make new boxes.


Corrugated cardboard packaging makes it very easy to reduce your packaging costs.

These are some of the least expensive cartons available due to a minimal amount of labour and tools needed to manufacture them.

The fact that they are so lightweight also saves shipping costs.


As seen above, they are offered in different board types. They can even have different coatings and treatments such as flame resistance, for example. Their properties will depend on your needs.

Printing options are also available. They actually have better graphics than many other materials which makes them effective for marketing and branding. Perhaps you would like to include your logo and other information about the products inside for true personalization.

Creopack: your partner in custom packaging

Now that you know what corrugated cardboard packaging is, its various benefits and the different types, all you need to do is find the one that meets your needs.

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