What kind of testing can be done on a package?

Many factors can have an impact on the condition of a package and the products it contains when it arrives at its destination. The materials used, the assembly method or even the climate can all influence the ability to deliver a product intact.

Various tests should be carried out in a controlled environment to ensure that packaging or crating can withstand different stresses.

Here are some examples of package testing.

A package can be subjected to a compression test

Compression testing can be used to assess a package’s ability to withstand the external pressures applied to it. During this test, the packaging is gradually compressed between two parallel plates to expose any deformation or damage, either to the packaging itself or to the products it contains. This type of testing is very useful for evaluating packaging intended to be stacked or compressed in tight spaces with other boxes and items.

It is worth testing a package under different climate conditions

Packaging materials can deform, become moldy or deteriorate in different climates, depending on the temperature and humidity in the environment. To measure its resistance to various climatic conditions, packaging material is placed and held in a controlled atmosphere chamber for a period of time to reveal any change in the physical properties of the material. These chambers can simulate high or low temperatures and different humidity levels.

Testing a package’s resistance to vibration

Most transport vehicles expose their cargo to vibrations that can affect not only the packaging, but also its waterproofing, sealing system and the products it contains.  Vibration testing is intended to evaluate the performance of the various packaging components in terms of the resistance and protection of the products it contains when subjected to strong vibrations.

Impact resistance testing: another essential tool

Impact tests can appear similar to the drop test that importers sometimes require during a pre-shipment inspection. These tests are relatively simple to perform and can reveal problems in packaging materials or assembly. However, impact and drop resistance tests can only measure a precise drop angle to the nearest degree when they are performed in the laboratory.

Improve protection of packaged products by measuring puncture resistance

The corner of another box, the sharp edges of a truck trailer or shipping container and even a sharp product in a container are all prone to puncture a package. Puncture resistance testing is designed to assess the energy required to create a hole in the manufacturing material of shipping crates and boxes.

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All these package tests are useful if you want to ensure that your packaged products will not be returned because of damage during transport or handling.

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