Rethink your product packaging to reduce your shipping costs

Today’s business environment is extremely competitive. The ease of doing business online has allowed a large number of companies to enter the market and join the game. However, only companies that effectively manage their costs have the ability to do well and survive.

For these companies, whether or not they operate online, shipping the products they sell inevitably involves costs. Nevertheless, these costs can be reduced by rethinking packaging processes.

Here are some examples of how improvements in packaging processes can lower your shipping costs.

Lower shipping costs by reducing the volume and weight of packaging

Companies can quickly reduce their shipping costs by keeping their packages as small and light as possible. These two factors are crucial when calculating shipping costs. In addition, more compact and lighter packaging can be stored at a lower cost when not shipped immediately.

Reducing your packaging volume

Reducing the volume of your packaging allows you to ship more products at a time in the same shipment. This results in considerable savings whether the packaged products are then transported by air, sea, rail or truck.

To design packaging with a lower volume, we recommend using a professional company that can develop a customized solution that will not only be more compact but will also provide better protection for its contents.

Reducing your packaging weight

In most cases, transport costs increase proportionally with the weight of the shipments. This means that lighter packaging can also help reduce shipping costs.

A good way to do this is to use more efficient packaging materials which are lightweight without compromising durability. In addition, well-protected products are less likely to be returned if they are damaged during transport.

Packing and shipping directly from the factory

You can save significant labour costs associated with manual tasks by equipping your company with automated packaging technology.

Adding an automatic bagging system, for example, can transform an inefficient operation that requires employee labour into a smooth and cost-effective process.

In addition, if all products are packed on site, they can also be shipped directly from that location, which reduces shipping and handling costs.

Optimizing your product packaging: a great way to reduce shipping costs

In conclusion, making informed packaging decisions is a good way to reduce shipping costs.

If you are determined to reduce your shipping costs, do not hesitate to contact Creopack’s packaging experts.  We can help you design more compact and lightweight packaging and even recommend packaging systems that you can use independently.