How can you prepare your business for end-of-year shipments?

The end of the year is a turning point for companies. Essentially, with the holidays, they have to deal with a much higher volume of package shipments than the rest of the year while avoiding mistakes.

These numerous end-of-year shipments are a major challenge for companies. On the one hand for sales turnover, on the other for their reputation and brand image.

However, overcoming such a challenge requires careful preparation and organization. Here are the most important things to put in place to prepare your company and your employees for the many end-of-year shipments.

Logistical preparation for end-of-year shipments

Forecast demand

As a first step, it is essential to anticipate demand. For this, research the the most frequently ordered products throughout the year. Determine if these orders are related to promotions you offered.

In order to avoid running out of merchandise, we recommend registering the different products that need to be substantially stocked in a directory. Also be sure to contact your suppliers to ensure they can provide enough stock.

Provide quality packaging in enough quantity

Packaging is crucial! It will protect your goods throughout shipment. This is an element that your company should not neglect, since parcels are often damaged with the high volumes of end-of-year shipments.

Your packaging must be high quality and tailored to each type of merchandise. For this, you can contact packaging design specialists.

You should also remember to plan enough packaging to not end up short and delay your shipments, which could be detrimental to your business.

Optimize your product storage

During end of year shipments, every minute counts. Therefore, it is necessary that your company’s storage is organized to avoid wasting time. Everything must be in order, whether you are storing your products, your packaging or your shipping documents.

In doing so, your staff will be more efficient and your packages will be shipped faster to the delight of your customers.

Specify shipping times

To avoid disappointing your customers, be sure to inform them of the deadline for ordering a product and receiving it before Christmas Day.

At the same time, it is important to set a sincere date. If you do not think you can respect it, it is better not to mention it. Your business image could suffer.

Workforce preparation

Establish a specialized team

If you have the opportunity, put together a team entirely dedicated to shipment organization. This will not only save valuable time on the many end of year expeditions, but also reduce staff pressure during this crucial business period.

Determine a staff schedule

Staff schedule preparation is an essential element that will allow you to anticipate the important holiday season. Moreover, this tool will allow you to act quickly in case of a problem, such as an absence or lack of personnel.

Hire seasonal workers

Using seasonal workers to manage end of year shipments is a common practice. Such an approach will allow you to consolidate your teams. They will also be less stressed because they can delegate small tasks.

To safeguard yourself, remember to keep the numbers of several seasonal workers on hand, as well as several employment agencies.

Successful end of year shipments

At the end of the year, many companies struggle to meet the demand of their clients due to lack of planning and organization.

By bringing these aforementioned logistical and team adjustments upstream, you will be prepared for the many end of year shipments and will be able to ensure them worry-free.

If you want information about custom packaging design to ensure the protection of your merchandise, contact us today. We will be happy to answer all your questions.