Precision packaging for a fragile and high value product

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The product to protect

Our client, Zeiss, needed a precise and tailor-made solution to protect and pack 20 high-value microscopes. To meet this demand, we have developed a personalized solution specially designed to protect the product against all shocks during transport.

A packaging solution with high added value: creation of a spring-loaded plate to cancel out shocks and vibrations

To meet this challenge Creopack has designed a case model with many features to protect each of the microscopes individually:

  1. These safes are built from our innovation Creolite – a fiberglass material that combines strength and lightness. The interest of Creolite is to be able to reuse the packaging many times and to be able to store it easily once empty thanks to its lightness.
  2. This Creolite chest is made up of two parts: a base and a butterfly closing lid with handles for easy opening and handling. Hooks for passing straps have also been installed to ensure good support during transport.
  3. The most important added value is the creation of a custom-made resin platform itself raised on four springs developed by our partner IDC.

The microscope is therefore placed in the center of the case, fixed on the plate which is only held by the springs. The springs help to cancel and absorb shocks, vibrations, and jolts by moving the tray so that the microscope remains in the center of the case during transport.

The result

We built 20 identical 43 x 35 x 47 inch cases to individually pack each microscope. The central plate makes it possible to fix the microscope and the springs ensure a suspension of the product and cancel all potential shocks which could damage the microscope during its transport. Finally, the cover and the Creolite material ensure lightness, robustness, and maneuverability; enough to reuse the chest many times.

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