Plant relocation: why hire a professional?

If you own a factory, you may have to relocate, a process that requires significant preparation.

Plan relocation involves dismantling, transporting and reassembling large, expensive and often sensitive equipment. This is a strategic moment for a company since a poorly done move can be disastrous.

For this reason, relying on the know-how and experience of a professional is essential.

A tailored service for your plant relocation needs

The most critical point of a plant relocation is machinery handling. You want assurance that your machines perform just as well as they did before vacating your old premises.

Opt for a turnkey moving service

Hiring a moving company comes with the advantage of a stress-free experience and peace of mind. The professional takes care of your entire relocation, which gives you the time to focus on your core business.

The other benefit of hiring a professional is knowing the total cost of plant relocation from the outset. The consultation stage is therefore essential. At this stage, the professional will analyze the expenses, duration and elements of the move.

A trusted plant relocation professional is to moving logistics what a conductor is to an orchestra.

Using a packaging design service

One of the most important things about a move is the packaging solution for your machinery. Good packaging essentially guarantees the protection of your machines.

Suitable packaging solutions can be found, whether you need them for food, medical and pharmaceutical, electronic or manufacturing equipment. For equipment with special features, custom packaging can be requested. While there is certainly a cost to this process, it ensures efficiency and complete safety during transport.

Plant relocation: benefit from professional experience

Once your relocation has been planned and your packaging and boxes have been ordered, it’s time to take action! Disassembling, transporting, and reassembling machinery is a sensitive process. In certain situations, you may also need to find a solution for storing your equipment.  Once again, a professional will be of great help in this endeavour.

Factory disassembly and reassembly

When you hire a specialist, you also benefit from the experience of their team, who are skilled in plant relocation. Agents move through your building and deploy their services to dismantle, pack and certify your equipment for transportation to ensure it arrives safely and in good condition.

Once arrived at your new location, the professional will have to implement the right logistics to reassemble your machinery and production lines as they were before.

Machinery transport

Transporting equipment is a very sensitive step in the moving process. Improperly secured machines can be damaged by the slightest jolt of the transport vehicle. When you choose an experienced moving company, you benefit from a fleet of vehicles that are specifically adapted for factory relocation. Moving agents are also equipped with the right packaging supplies like wood crates to correctly move and secure your equipment for travel.

Equipment storage

You may be faced with an interval period between the move and the reassembly. In this case, you will need to find a place to store your equipment. Some factory moving companies offer storage solutions for your bulkier items. Moreover, it is often logistically and financially beneficial to entrust several stages of your relocation to the same company.

In conclusion on plant relocation

Plant relocation is a risky event for any business, and no one is really prepared for such a logistical challenge. That’s why calling a moving professional is often essential. Everything is thought-out and designed for you, to ensure that your move takes place under the best possible conditions.

If you are planning to move your factory and want to hire a professional in packaging, transport or storage, contact us today.