What is the meaning of the symbols on your packaging?

Many packages have symbols on them. Each of them has its own meaning and informs us about the nature of the goods, as well as the handling instructions to be followed to avoid damaging them.

While some of these symbols speak for themselves, others are more difficult to interpret. To help you understand them, our experts explain the meaning of symbols commonly found on your packaging.

The ISPM-15 logo, for wood intended for export

ISPM15-certified This logo refers to the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures, also known as ISPM15. This applies only to wooden packaging intended for export, such as wood pallets or wood crates.

Every day, many wooden packages are transported around the world to ship all kinds of goods. In order to prevent the spread of pests from one continent to another, this standard requires that all wooden packaging be decontaminated at very high temperatures.


A symbol for fragile goods

symbole-emballage-fragile-verre-brise This symbol depicting a broken glass is very common. It indicates that the goods inside are fragile and must therefore be handled with care to avoid breakage.

As a result, at each stage of the packaging process, whether storage, handling or transport, the parties involved are informed and take the necessary precautions.


Goods to handle with care

symbole-emballage-prendre-soin This symbol also indicates that the packaging must be handled with care to avoid damaging its contents. Goods in packaging that displays this symbol are not necessarily fragile, but sometimes need to avoid being shaken, such as pharmaceutical products or electronic parts.


A symbol indicating which side should face upward

symbole-emballage-sens-stockage This symbol, representing two arrows pointing upwards, gives an important indication to the persons in charge of handling the packaging. It indicates the right side of the packaging to face upward in order to avoid damaging the contents.


Moisture-sensitive containers

symbole-emballage-proteger-pluie-et-humidite When this symbol appears on a package, it means that its contents are sensitive to moisture. It is therefore essential to avoid storing it in damp places and protect it from rain throughout its transport.

A volatile corrosion inhibitor may be considered in order to protect the goods during storage and transport, especially at sea.


A symbol for recyclable packaging

symbole-emballage-responsable This symbol, created in the 1970s, indicates that the packaging is fully recyclable or that it has been designed from recycled materials. It therefore informs the end user that the packaging can be recycled, which is part of a responsible approach.


Temperature-sensitive goods

 Depicting a thermometer, this symbol is generally found on packaging transporting foodstuffs or pharmaceutical products that are sensitive to temperature variations. It indicates that the packaging must be kept at a certain temperature so that the contents are not altered.


Symbol for flammable materials

symbole-emballage-matieres-enflammables The flame is a symbol on packaging that contains easily flammable products that can burn quickly. Each person involved throughout the journey should therefore take care to keep the packaging away from heat and fuel sources.


Packaging symbols to protect shipped goods

All these packaging symbols are used to indicate the instructions to follow when storing, handling and shipping a package. Depending on the specific nature of your goods and with the aim of maximizing their protection during shipment, several of these symbols may have to be placed on the same package. The people in charge of handling your packaging will then take the necessary precautions.

Do you have any questions about the symbols you need to display on your packaging to ship your goods safely? Contact our team! Our crating company will provide you with answers and advice based on your needs.