What factors can affect the choice of packaging materials?

Numerous goods are shipped every day and the choice of packaging materials helps ensure the protection of your goods and promote sales of your products.

In order to design the perfect packaging that meets your needs, it is important to know what different factors you should consider when making the right choice of packaging materials.

Choose packaging materials according to the merchandise

One of the major factors in the choice of materials is undoubtedly the merchandise itself. Indeed, the primary function of packaging is to protect the goods throughout their journey. You will need to choose the right packaging materials based on the type of goods to be transported and their characteristics, whether their fragility, their volume or their safekeeping.

Packaging designed to withstand transport conditions

Beyond the merchandise, it is important to consider the type of transport that will be used for delivery. Your packaging materials will differ if your goods are shipped by boat or transported by plane.

Moreover, transportation costs represent a significant share of a company’s budget. Choosing lightweight packaging solutions to reduce the merchandise’s weight will lower the costs associated with transport and facilitate handling.

Choose quality materials to charm your customers

The visual design of your packaging is an important part of your product’s success. Indeed, packaging design contributes to a unique customer experience, which is a vital asset for retaining your customers.

Choosing innovative, high-quality materials makes you memorable to customers and helps you stand out from your competitors.

Opt for packaging with long-lasting performance

Depending on a company’s needs, the packaging may need to reused. With this in mind, producing disposable packaging is no longer an option, but rather a long-lasting packaging solution that guarantees the safety of the goods throughout their handling and journey.

Choice of materials is therefore crucial since they need to provide a solution that is both protective and sustainable. Packaging must also be easy to transport, lightweight, impact-resistant or water-resistant, and have adequate shelf life even after multiple uses.

Choose the right packaging materials for your needs

You now know everything you need to consider when making the best choice of materials to design the packaging that meets your needs.

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