How can transport packaging influence your customer experience?

A significant amount of work goes into the creation and marketing of a consumer product. From design development to packaging design and quality control, everything is carefully considered to present the item to consumers in the best possible light.

However, customer satisfaction also depends on their buying experience. A customer who buys products online will expect to receive just as good a service as if they were in-store and will certainly have expectations when they receive their package.

In this article, find out how transport packaging can impact your customers’ shopping experience.

Protecting the product being shipped: the #1 priority of any e-commerce retailer

When one of your customers orders your products online, their first expectation is to have their product arrive in perfect condition within the expected delivery time. As an online retailer, it therefore makes sense that your #1 priority should be to ensure the protection of the product throughout the shipping process.

Finding a balance between protection and simplicity

When choosing protective packaging for the transport of your products, you of course need to consider how fragile they are. You should therefore choose packaging that is durable enough to withstand the shocks and vibrations of transport, while remaining functional. Packaging that is too complicated to open can negatively impact the customer experience.

Unpacking a product is considered an experience in itself for the customer. Therefore, the ideal would be to create custom packaging that will provide maximum product protection, while taking into account the customer experience.

Packaging quality reflects product quality

Likewise, the customer’s first impression of the transport packaging is just as important. According to a survey conducted in the United States, 48% of consumers believe that transport packaging directly reflects the value of the product being shipped. In other words, the better the packaging, the better the product.

This is why companies engaged in e-commerce need to think carefully about the quality of their packaging. For example, choosing a stronger cardboard box or printing your company logo on your boxes can add value to the contents.

The impact of environment-friendly transport packaging

Nowadays, people are increasingly aware of their environmental footprint. This is why it makes sense for companies to review their packaging techniques and materials to reduce their environmental impact.

For example, you could choose boxes made from recycled materials. This practice could not only earn you points with consumers but could also help you reduce your impact on the environment!

Creopack designs custom-made transport packaging solutions for your company!

All in all, the transport packaging of your products probably has a greater influence on your customers’ shopping experience than you might think. Packaging is the first thing customers see when they receive their packages. Let them know that you want them to have a good experience by adequately protecting their products and choosing quality, environmentally friendly packaging.

At Creopack, our packaging consultants can provide you with custom transport packaging solutions that will help you provide the best possible experience for your customers. Contact us now for all your e-commerce packaging needs!