The importance of ecommerce packaging

Ecommerce currently accounts for 8.7% of all retail purchases worldwide. This figure will double by 2020. Most of these products transit through the post office or private transport companies, sometimes traveling thousands of kilometers before arriving safely. Choosing the right packaging is therefore essential to ensure the safe transport of goods. Moreover, the stakes are high for ecommerce companies whose reputation can be impacted if their products aren’t reliably protected throughout the shipping process.

Here are the reasons why companies need to pay close attention to their ecommerce packaging choice.

Ecommerce packaging: product protection

The products we purchase online are diverse and varied. Whether plants, dishes or high-tech gear, each product needs protective packaging suitable for transport.

The typical generic cardboard box used for moving is no longer suitable for shipping all products. It’s important to choose packaging that is adapted to the products you sell. To this end, it’s important to study the size of your box, or the type of padding you want to use. You should also test your packaging strength to ensure the best possible product protection during transit.

To make the best choice of shipment packaging, a company that specializes in custom packaging manufacturing is recommended. Research and testing is constantly conducted to provide increasingly efficient ecommerce packaging technology. Latest generation shipping boxes or crates are now designed to carry the most fragile objects.

Tend to your ecommerce packaging: your company reputation is on the line

Packaging is the first thing a customer sees when they receive an order. A customer that receives a damaged package will undoubtedly have a poor impression of the company that shipped it. It’s important to be aware that unsatisfied customers can easily share their bad experiences online and therefore dissuade new customers from doing business with you.

Your ecommerce packaging needs to be reliable and durable to inspire customer confidence and loyalty. If your box arrives dented, but the item is intact, it will have a lesser impact in the customer’s mind because they will think that the shipping package was designed to protect their purchase. On the other hand, if the product you sent is damaged upon receipt, the customer will have the impression of carelessness and poor merchandise quality.
Packaging plays a major role in the customer experience. It is a reflection of a company’s service quality and brand image.

Good ecommerce packaging prevents returns

If you notice a large number of returns during after-sale service due to product breakage, your packaging solutions might not be appropriate.

The financial expenses incurred to refund disgruntled customers, process returns and send them new products will significantly impact your bottom line. Not to mention the loss of damaged products. Moreover, returning a product is a hassle for the customer and results in a negative experience from start to finish.

To prevent a situation like this, you can seek the help of a company that creates custom cases or packaging. To be sure, this procedure represents a cost, but will lead to substantial savings in relation to returns.

Ecommerce packaging is essential

Every online business owner needs appropriate packaging solutions to ship their products. Damaged merchandise can have a big impact on your business. Ecommerce packaging is one of the most important aspects to consider when launching your online store. If you would like expert advice, contact us today. We can give you the advice you need to find a suitable packaging solution.