Increased interest in online shopping: how to securely transport your products

Online retailers are likely to agree that one of the main challenges to their job is making sure that the goods they ship get to customers quickly and in perfect condition.

With the growing popularity of online shopping, it is more important than ever to ensure that your goods are transported and stored securely.

But how do you ensure that your products are always transported efficiently? Discover some tips in this article!

Create specially designed packaging to transport your products

The first step in making sure your products are safe during transport is to design custom packaging for each of your products.

Chances are your different products will have varying degrees of fragility. You should therefore assess them individually to determine what type of packaging would be most appropriate to guarantee that your items will remain intact during transport. This will make sure that your products arrive at their destination undamaged and ready to use. Moreover, custom packaging design optimizes the required dimensions to minimize your transportation costs.

Consulting with a packaging design expert for e-commerce can help you be confident that your goods will be well protected and your customers will have a satisfying experience from the time they receive the package to the moment they open it.

Test your different packages before using them

Testing your packaging prior to use is an excellent way to ensure that your products will stay intact during shipment, especially if they have to be shipped by sea, rail or air.

Reproducing the transport and storage conditions that your products will be exposed to can help you accurately assess the resistance of the packaging to various stresses. For example, your packaging could be tested to determine its resistance to compression and stacking, impacts, drops and punctures.

This analysis will help you optimize your packaging and find a cost-effective protection solution.

Partner with a reliable transport service

Whether your company already collaborates with a transport service or you are in the process of partnering with one, the best companies encourage the evaluation of their logistics management and skills. A good synergy between your company and its transport partner is needed to establish the elements that will work together with your packaging.

At the same time, the strong increase in online shopping trends in recent years has led shippers to allow customers to track their packages online. This additional service is highly valued by consumers, who can see where their package is located in virtually real time. This also helps you quickly resolve any problems that may occur during shipping.

Find the perfect packaging solution with Creopack

The packaging of your e-commerce products shouldn’t be taken lightly if you want to make sure they arrive intact at their destination. It’s important to design packaging tailored to each of your items and test their effectiveness before using them. Finally, entrusting your shipping to a reputable transport service will greatly reduce the risk of your products being damaged during transport.

At Creopack, we help businesses and online shops create packaging that reflects their brand image. If you would like to use our proven packaging design and testing services, you can simply send us a request for a quote!