Creopack lends its expertise to the emergency transportation of COVID-19 field hospitals

Creopack supplied hundreds of custom Creosnap reusable wood crates allowing for the rapid transport of COVID-19 field hospitals worldwide.

Learn how Creosnap collapsible wood crates can simplify your crating logistics.

The product: field hospitals & medical beds

Our client, a world leader in the rapid deployment and redeployment of shelters and camp systems, was looking for a reusable crating solution allowing them to store, deploy and redeploy field hospitals and equipment. Oftentimes deployed to remote locations, the ease of assembly/storage was a very important factor.

The requirements

A robust reusable crate that can easily be assembled and stored.

  • Type of packaging: Robust reusable crates
  • Specifics: Reusable, durable, space-saving (maximize volume capacity in container and warehouse), ease of assembly / disassembly (no tools), cost savings of renting warehousing space (collapsed when not in use), easy to identify (with markings)
  • Lead Time: First 100 units / 10 days delivered

The results

Hundreds of custom-made Creosnap cases ready for use in a matter of days.

Within a 10-day turnaround time, Creopack was able to manufacture & deliver >100 entirely custom Creosnap Reusable Wood Crates, ready to be loaded and sent to COVID-19 relief camps.

The Creosnap reusable wood crates were entirely customized – custom dimension, client’s logo and desired labeling. The select wood crate solution can be assembled with no tools in a matter of minutes, collapsed and stacked for easy and efficient storage when not in use and is robust and durable enough to handle repetitive loading, unloading and freight, allowing for the client to safely and efficiently load, ship and store their life-saving equipment across the world.

Creopack is proud to have been able to contribute our crating services to this life-saving effort.

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