How to ensure the safety of medical products during transport

Medical products are among the types of goods that require the most attention during transport. Essentially, strict standards govern the shipping of medical and pharmaceutical supplies to ensure their protection and maintenance of their quality during the journey.

Discover how to ensure that medical products are safe during transport.

Choose packaging designed specifically for medical supplies

Whether you are shipping medicine or medical equipment, it is crucial that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition in order to retain their quality and usefulness. In this regard, it can be a good idea to use a packaging design service that will take the special characteristics of each product into consideration.

Temperature-sensitive products

Certain medicines must be kept at a precise temperature in order to retain their curative properties. Traditional packaging would therefore not be appropriate during transportation that could leave them exposed to cold or intense heat.

To ensure product temperature control, a company that specializes in packaging design can develop a solution that uses isothermal materials. These have insulating properties that guarantee the protection of temperature-sensitive medicine.

Impact-sensitive products

Many devices or tools used in a medical or pharmaceutical environment are extremely fragile. In some cases, a simple jolt during transport, such as a sudden maneuver by the driver, could be enough to render them unusable.

Faced with this dilemma, it may be necessary to have packaging developed by a packaging consultant to ensure that the equipment arrives at its destination in perfect condition. A consultant might recommend using a suitable foam which will be inserted to prevent shocks or vibrations that threaten the safety of medical products.

Submit medical product packaging for testing

Since medical products tend to be highly valuable, it may be a wise decision to test their packaging to ensure it can adequately protect the contents. This method involves verifying a package’s efficiency and performance by precisely simulating the real-life transport and handling conditions that it will be exposed to.

These tests are designed to evaluate the strength of packaging under certain pressures including compression, weather conditions, shocks, perforation, etc. In short, nothing is left to chance during a test.

This way, the packaging can be adjusted according to any problems or weaknesses that are found. It is therefore a worthwhile precaution to take, especially if it helps you avoid losing a full shipment of medical equipment due to deficient packaging.

Creopack: leader in medical packaging

In conclusion, if you want to ensure that the medical supplies you ship have packaging that guarantees their safety during transport, you need to be able to count on robust crating services.

The Creopack team specializes in medical and pharmaceutical packaging and can answer any questions regarding this important issue. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information on the subject.