How can your e-commerce business reduce customer returns?

Customer returns are one of the most important issues when running an e-commerce business. Essentially, too many product returns and refund requests can have a very negative impact on an online company’s budget and even reduce its chances of long-term success.

Of course, since customers often don’t have the opportunity to try the products they purchase online, it’s normal for returns to be more frequent for online purchases than ones made in-store. There are, however, some strategies to consider if you want to minimize customer returns as an e-commerce business.

Make sure items sold online are properly packaged

When items arrive at a destination damaged, your customer is likely to be dissatisfied and even more likely to return the product. If this kind of incident happens frequently, investing in better packaging would be a wise decision for the sake of your business sustainability and image.

Make sure all fragile items are packed with enough protection. If you have specific items that break regularly, you can ask for help from a packaging consultant. A consultant can help you by offering customized solutions specifically tailored to your products to ensure maximum protection.

Assess the delivery service you use for e-commerce

If, despite investments in protective packaging, items continue to arrive at your customers’ homes in poor condition, the problem may lie in the delivery and handling process. If your packaging isn’t handled delicately, not even a very strong box will be enough to protect its contents.

The fact remains that damaged items will most likely be returned to you. In this regard, you should report this problem to the transport company that delivers your parcels.

Moreover, if your delivery times are lacking, you increase the chances that items you sell will be returned. This is because, while waiting for the order, the consumer will have time to rethink his needs and priorities. A purchaser’s desire for an item they bought impulsively can decrease considerably if they only receive two months later.

Provide detailed instructions with your products

Most people today have an interest in technology. However, this doesn’t mean that all your customers can properly operate any item purchased on your e-commerce site without some guidelines on its use.

If you want to convert visitors that have trouble mastering complex devices, take the time to write instructions. These can also be published on your e-commerce site and will explain how the product works. This will be an incentive for many customers since they have an immediate benefit. This way, you reduce product return rates, especially for high-tech products.

E-commerce companies: Reduce your customer returns with Creopack

If you sell electronics online, we strongly recommend putting all the odds on your side to reduce the number of customer returns. This includes the choice and quality of your packaging. In this regard, don’t hesitate to seek advice from experts in this field.

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