Christmas packages: 3 essential ways to maximize the customer experience

As Christmas approaches, the holiday shopping period is a crucial time for e-commerce businesses. It is worth noting that about 30% of Quebecers use online commerce sites to shop for their Christmas presents. This figure is constantly increasing.

This period also presents many risks for retailers who ship their products: delays, damage during shipment… There are numerous challenges to offering a unique customer experience. Fortunately, packaging technology used to ship Christmas packages is constantly evolving to further protect your merchandise, customize your packaging and meet your delivery commitments.

Discover three essential ways to maximize the customer experience when shipping Christmas packages.

Christmas packages with custom packaging

Today, online businesses are required to find appropriate packaging solutions to transport and protect various products. They must also innovate to customize their holiday packages and maximize the customer experience for Christmas.

Packaging adapted to the product

Electronic devices, toys, clothes, food, etc. Customers are increasingly shopping for their Christmas presents online. Many e-commerce sites rely on packaging design companies to create suitable, durable and personalized Christmas packages.

Product protection is a determining factor in the customer experience. Design, choice of materials, ergonomics, etc. Companies must constantly innovate and test their package solutions to offer the most appropriate technology for product protection, especially during the holiday season.

Customized packaging for the holidays

During the holiday season, many e-commerce sites rely on personalized packaging design to offer a unique experience to their customers.

To this end, each packaging is examined and personalized, from its shape and color to its practicality during transport. If you want to deliver a bit of extra magic to the customer, it is even possible to customize your bubble wrap. This type of personalized service will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the customer, since in addition to being in the spirit of the holidays, it provides effective product protection during shipment.

Real-time tracking of your Christmas packages

During the holidays, Canada’s postal services and transportation companies must handle a significant volume of merchandise. There are often delays in delivery. Moreover, a Christmas package that arrives after December 25th can spoil the party and seriously tarnish the customer’s experience with the online business.

Fortunately, there are several services that enable customers to track their Christmas packages during their journey. With reliable delivery services and accurate package tracking methods, the customer can know exactly where their product is, giving them a great experience.

Automated packaging system for expediency

During the Christmas period, e-commerce companies are overwhelmed and sometimes face a shortage of manpower, which is why many of them rely on automation to save time.

Faster packing, faster delivery

During the holidays, package expediency is crucial for the customer experience. Setting up an efficient production line is therefore important.

Before the end of year risk period, it is necessary to test and optimize your production line as well as your transport and storage logistics. This will save you time and money over the long term and your customers will be more satisfied.

Automated production line to keep the workforce in customer service

Automated production line solutions during the holiday season can make you more efficient. Essentially, with workforce availability being lower at this time of the year, it can be used to contribute to the customer experience.

By opting for automated packaging systems, you save time and your employees will be more available to your customers.

Christmas packages: the perfect time to maximize the customer experience

End-of-year celebrations are a defining moment for e-commerce businesses. This is also a risky period, due to the significant volume of products shipped. Risks of delay, loss or breakage of goods in transit tend to multiply. As such, a durable and customized packaging, as well as an automated packaging system will guarantee a successful shipment and a positive customer experience.
If you want a quality custom packaging solution for your Christmas packages, don’t hesitate to call on our services. We will find the solution that best meets your expectations.