What are the Benefits of Custom Crating?

Custom crating can be useful for various different industries that require products to be stored, shipped and transported. Damage needs to be avoided at all costs no matter the conditions your items are put through. Custom crating is often the best solution for this.

Here is more information on custom crating and its benefits.

What is crating?

Before learning more about custom crating, you need to understand what exactly crating is.

Crating is a specific type of packaging solution. Shipping crates are basically heavy-duty wooden boxes that offer a lot more protection than some other packaging solutions. They can also hold a large number of goods.

Crating companies can develop crates that will take all of your needs and shipping method into account.

Types of crates

There are many different types of crates, each ideal in different situations. Here are the two main types of crates offered by Creopack.

Wood crates

Wood crates are often used for heavy equipment. They are ideal to protect items from the shocks and vibrations of international shipping. At Creopack, these are custom-made to comply with various industry standards whenever necessary. They are also exceptionally durable and can be reused for years.

Wooden crates can be made up to 60 ft long. They also have a large production capacity, making it easy to order as little or as many as you need.

Reusable crates

Reusable crates are ideal for a wide range of needs and products. They can be easily disassembled and reassembled using the snaps and insert systems that lock the crate into place. This makes them amazingly easy to store when they are not in use.

Reusable crates are great for heavy-duty use, storage and transportation.

Benefits of custom crates

There are many reasons why you should choose custom crating services. Here are a few of the benefits.

Custom sizes

Having an appropriately sized crate will decrease the risks of your products being damaged. Otherwise, transporting items can be difficult and dangerous, especially in the case of larger products.

This can also be useful if your items or products have an unusual shape, such as some furniture or sculptures.

Suitable protection

Your products should get the protection they need in every step of their shelf life and transportation process. Custom crates can be made with the padding or protection your products need. Experienced custom crating companies can suggest the best damage prevention solution based on your products, both for storage and transportation.

Damage prevention can also include protection from moisture and temperature. Custom crates can therefore include insulation if needed.

This can be important in many fields such as for sound equipment and medical packaging, for example. This equipment and material is often very fragile so you need something that will protect it well. Additionally, the medical sector often has standards and regulations to comply to for storing and transporting equipment and products. Custom crating companies can take these various regulations into account during production.


Custom crating may seem expensive initially but will eventually pay for itself in different ways. To start, custom crates can be reused and tend to last longer. Therefore, you will not need to keep spending money on additional crating solutions.

They also help reduce transportation and storage costs if done correctly since they are made to fit the products efficiently and can also be stacked.

Creopack can meet all your crating needs

In conclusion, a lot of time and thought goes into manufacturing custom crating. Experienced professionals can help you get the most out of your crates.

At Creopack, we can help you develop custom crates that are suitable for your products. Contact us if you have any questions about our custom crating or packaging solutions.