Amazon packaging requirements change: a way to reduce packaging waste

With the growth of e-commerce and the global economy, an increasing number of packaged products are being shipped ever greater distances. As part of this growth, each company has to package its products for distribution or direct sale.

Consequently, packaging waste has become a more widespread reality in the transport of all types of goods and the major players in e-commerce want to address it. This the case with industry leader Amazon.

Amazon’s packaging requirements have changed

Some e-commerce giants such as Amazon now want to meet consumer demand and eliminate packaging waste.

As of August 1, 2019, Amazon requires all packages over 18 x 14 x 8 inches or 20 pounds to be certified by the FFP or SIOC program. Shippers who violate these requirements are charged $1.99 per non-compliant package.

Until 2019, most online merchants treated these programs as recommendations rather than constraints, with no apparent penalty. As of August 2019, Amazon has changed some of its packaging guidelines in terms of requirements, setting a new packaging standard that could have an impact on the e-commerce industry.

Requirements that offer several advantages while reducing packaging waste

This initiative from Amazon naturally aims to prevent packaging waste, but will also benefit all stakeholders by providing them with various incentives:

– Optimizing the unpacking experience by reducing excessive packaging and hard-to-remove safety features and improving customer satisfaction;

– Reduced labour, storage and shipping costs;

– Minimizing shipping defects and damages that lead to higher return rates.

Make sure your packaging complies with Amazon’s new requirements with Creopack

While your restrictions and customer needs are defined for the time being, consider that your product and packaging may require changes as your sales increase and your product evolves. A packaging materials supplier is therefore an ideal business partner that will constantly work on the development of your product offer and your logistics needs.

A business partner in packaging with a national presence can help a company implement its new strategy in a logistically consistent manner.

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