The 5 advantages of custom cases for businesses

For many years, several companies have been equipping themselves with custom cases for their logistics. A wide variety of models exist for different purposes.

In this article, discover the 5 main advantages to use custom cases for your company.

A case that protects your valuables

One of the main advantages of choosing custom cases is that you can ensure the full protection of your valuable items or documents.

Custom cases are designed to withstand any type of impact. Different materials can be used such as wood, aluminum, high-impact plastic or woven fiberglass. Moreover, in order to guarantee optimal protection of your items, the cases include shock-absorbing polyurethane foam.

In addition, to meet the challenges of various industrial sectors, there are models of tailor-made cases that can be stored outside, resistant to moisture, water and extreme temperatures.

A space-saving storage case

Cases designed for businesses allow equipment to be stored efficiently. In addition to choosing the type of material, you can choose the shape, width, length and depth of your case according to your products and the storage location.

Cases can therefore be stored in a way that is most convenient for the layout of your premises. They are a real space-saver for you and your employees.

A case that transports equipment easily

Certain cases are designed to be able to easily move equipment, whether heavy or not. Among them are Nanuk waterproof hard cases, which are fully developed for manual use. Equipped with handles, they facilitate transport while protecting your equipment.

For companies that need to move heavy and fragile equipment daily, Creocase custom road cases are an ideal solution. Thanks to its wheels, the case allows you to easily move equipment without excessive physical effort.

Moreover, these types of cases have the advantage of preventing injuries for company employees.

A case that reduces your environmental footprint

Custom cases for businesses are designed to have a long life. All the components and materials used are studied and tested in order to choose the most suitable ones that will ensure total resistance.

This way, cases can be used for several years and will reduce your environmental footprint.

A case that saves on air freight costs

If you regularly ship by air, these cases will save you money. In fact, custom cases are generally made with lightweight materials, which will help you reduce your air freight costs.

The many advantages of a custom-made case for businesses

Custom cases for businesses are multi-faceted tools. They will ensure the protection of your goods as well as efficient and safe storage. Moreover, they will provide excellent mobility, a reduction in your environmental footprint and savings on air freight costs.

If you want to equip your company with custom cases, do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists. We will be happy to answer all your questions.