A custom packaging solution for industrial 3D printers

A manufacturer of industrial 3D printers turned to Creopack to design a robust and compact packaging system.

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The product to protect: AON M2 industrial 3D printer (57'57'25', 765 lbs.)

Our client, AON 3D, designs industrial 3D printers capable of high temperature printing. The company needed a customized solution to package its products that was tailored to the characteristics of this special equipment.

Our packaging consultants went directly to AON 3D’s premises to identify our client’s needs and the technical constraints related to the product and its transportation.

Two main goals to achieve

When AON 3D entrusted us with the custom protective packaging design, they had two very specific goals in mind:

  • The first and most immediate challenge was finding a crating service that would protect their products and ensure safe shipping.
  • The second was to develop a solution that would significantly reduce floor space used for storage.

Creopack’s proposal

For this project, our industrial designers worked on a solution that would provide the best strength/space ratio. After this analysis, we made a 3D model to explain the packaging proposal and its added value.

The results

After the 3D model was validated, we created a custom Creosnap reusable wooden crate. Creosnap is an innovative concept developed and patented by Creopack to ensure the maximum protection of its contents. Moreover, Creosnap allows our client to quickly assemble and disassemble the crate without tools, saving storage space in the process.

Finally, to prevent the risk of bumps and scratches during transport we added custom packing foam to the inside of the case to provide some cushioning.

The result is a space-saving packaging solution that is quick to assemble/dismantle and, above all, ensures perfect safety during transport.

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